world refugee sunday

Save the Date: June 20 & 27 2021

The Theme for this year’s event is: Embrace
Leviticus 13:45-46, Luke 7:20-23

For the first time in history, the number of people fleeing persecution, conflict and violence has reached 80 million. Many of them are being excluded and refused a welcome in their new environments.

World Refugee Sunday is an opportunity to join churches around the world as we focus our hearts, minds, and prayers on God’s heart for refugees.

get involved

what you and your church can do


Local church leaders can encourage their faith communities to pray on behalf of the world’s refugees. Pray for opportunities to love refugees, immigrants and migrants in your community.


There are many ways to practically assist refugees. They often are in need of help with things like finding affordable housing, finding employment, learning the language of their country of refuge, navigating social welfare system, understanding the local school system, navigating public transportation, understanding their new culture, etc.

raise awareness

The first thing local church leaders can do to educate their congregations concerning forced displacement in the world today, is to become better informed themselves. 

provide resources

The forcibly displaced people often lack basic resources for their daily lives: safe living space, basic food items, climate appropriate clothing and footwear, local transportation, etc. They also struggle in finding and integrating into a local community. 


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what churches are doing

Churches around the world are participating in World Refugee Sunday in engaging and creative ways. See some of what is happening this year.